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20 August 2003
Family go back to Bronze Age at Flag Fen

A family has stepped back in time to experience life at the city's Bronze Age site. Six members of the Pogmore family are spending a week living in a Bronze Age roundhouse. The experiment, organised by Carlton Television, is taking place at the Flag Fen Bronze Age visitor's centre, Peterborough (England).
     The Pogmores, from Nottingham, are dad Phil (38), mum Vickie (35), Keeley (19), Gavin (17), Phil (15), Claire (14), and 12-year-old twins Steven and Brendan. They are living and sleeping in a roundhouse typical of the age. No contact with the outside world is permitted. And they have to get by without any 21st century conveniences.
     Their task is to try and live as close to how a real Bronze Age family would have lived 4,000 years ago. They will have to build another roundhouse on the Flag Fen site and make tools from the time. The family beat off competition from 30 others to take part in the experiment. They are banned from speaking to the press or knowing anything about the outside world until they are "released" on Friday.
     Elin Styles, operations manager at the site, said: "They're not allowed any modern luxuries that we take for granted, like pizza or mobile phones. They have to cook over a real fire, sleep on a bed of straw and wear traditional Bronze Age costumes." Mrs Styles also said: "Judging by their laughter, I think they're having a really good time doing it."

Source: Peterborough Now, The Evening Telegraph (20 August 2003)

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