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22 August 2003
Young archaeologists discover new sites in Cornwall

A group of young people on an archaeological holiday in Cornwall (England) with the Young Archaeologists' Club (YAC) have discovered two previously unrecorded oblong, grave-shaped stone mounds on Minions Moor, part of Bodmin Moor. Since this discovery in June, experts have examined the sites, which could date back to the Bronze Age. Local archaeologists had no idea these stone cairns were there and are planning to undertake further research in November, when summer vegetation has died down.
     As Holiday Leader Tony Blackman explained, "The group literally stumbled over these finds and were quick to assess their context within the ancient prehistoric landscape of this area." These are not the first Prehistoric monuments discovered by youngsters on a YAC holiday on Bodmin Moor. The Director of the Council for British Archaeology, George Lambrick said, "Young people are sharp-eyed and open-minded - key attributes for making interesting new discoveries."  

Source: Young Archaeologists' Club Press Release (21 August 2003)

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