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3 September 2003
Ancient stone is modern art

An 'ancient' relic which had excited experts with its strange markings (as reported in Archaeo News on 30 August 2003) has been revealed as a modern work of art.
     The Gorleston Stone, named after the Norfolk sea-side town were it was found, was thought to be thousands of years old - dating back to Neolithic or early Bronze Age. But the two-ton stone, which is engraved with swirls, dragons and runic inscriptions, was really made in 1995. Stone artist Barry Luxton, created the piece which has since been removed from Gorleston beach and is being examined by experts at Great Yarmouth Borough Council.
     Mr Luxton said he never intended to deceive anyone with the stone. "What I wanted to do was to make this as a new age rather than an old age thing to do," he said. "The fire dragon was my conception, then I put on some runic engravings about the celebration of fire."
     However, the Gorleston Stone did not fool Norfolk's county archaeologist Brian Ayers who said the markings were very strange. He said the fact there were swirling patterns in the centre, runic inscriptions below and swirls on the top of the stone did not add up. "To put these three things together on one stone is very odd indeed," he said. Mr Luxton is hoping to get his work back from the council.

Source: BBC News (1 September 2003)

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