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12 September 2003
Human remains found near "Miami Circle"

Archaeologists working on a construction site close to the site of the Miami Circle have found fragments of human bone. In all, a piece of skull, and four finger bones have been uncovered. They are the only human bones to have been discovered on the six acre site so far, which will feature offices, retail sites, and luxury flats. The developers have promised to include space to exhibit non-human artefacts.
     The nearby Miami Circle was found in 1998, and is believed to be more than 2.000 years old. It is thought that it was carved by Tequesta Indians, and many ancient Indian artefacts have been found around the mouth of the Miami River, including pottery, cutting tools, and hair pins.
     Human bones have previously been found in the area, at the Miami Circle itself, and at Weston, Cutler Ridge, in Miami Lakes and on North Miami Beach. There is also a Tequesta cemetery at Brickell Park, about a block away from the Miami Circle site.

Source: Naples Daily News (6 September 2003)

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