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21 September 2003
Welsh version of Stonehenge is under construction

The Welsh version of Stonehenge is under construction. Tim Halewood from the Vale of Glamorgan is constructing the area's first solar lunar circle. The ancient timepiece, designed to act as a solar lunar calendar, is being built from stone by the local community at Coed Hills Rural Art Space in St Hilary.
     "This will be one of the only working solar lunar calendars in the UK," said Mr Halewood, who studies sacred geometry. "It is a similar concept to Stonehenge but ours will be fully functional. It will act as a great communal focus point for St. Hilary and it will be something the whole community can work together on as we study it." The event is the result of months of research by Tim and a volunteer group exploring ancient sacred geometry and the study of solar lunar circles.
     Monica Mahoney, community support worker at Wales Council for Voluntary Action said, "There are about 250 active Millennium Award projects in Wales. Tim's scheme is a great example of how these awards can benefit the whole community. The potential for the grants is wide-ranging. We are always open to new ideas like Tim's, so if anyone has anything in mind, they should apply for a You and Your Community Millennium Award."
     The Vale of Glamorgan project qualified for an award from the programme which offers people grants to improve their lives and benefit themselves and their community.

Source: The Western Mail (21 September 2003)

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