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26 September 2003
Prehistoric skull unearthed in England

A Quarry worker could have discovered proof of prehistoric life close to the River Trent (England). Part of a skull was found at a working gravel pit off Pasture Lane, Long Eaton, by a worker from RMC Aggregates (Eastern). Initial tests date it back to the prehistoric age.
     After finding the skull, worried workers phoned the police and the site was closed, as officers began a search and investigation. But the investigation took on more of a historical angle when tests indicated the skull was thousands of years old. DS Rohan Catlow, based at Long Eaton, said: "We had experts come to the site and they believe it is a human skull from the prehistoric age, or maybe a primate, such as an ape." The skull was taken to Long Eaton police station, where experts are due to examine it in more detail.

Source: Evening Post (25 September 2003)

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