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29 September 2003
Extraordinary finds in Norway

Since May 2003 archaeologists have uncovered 100,000 items from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages at one of the largest digs ever undertaken in Norway. The oldest artefacts have been dated to 9000 BCE. Evidence from the early part of the last post-glacial period includes twelve fireplaces and many “special” artefacts.
     The dig, at Aukra outside Molde in southern Norway, was made necessary by plans for a gas pipeline from the Ormen Lange field which will affect 33 protected cultural sites. Up to 60 people from the educational institute NTNU have been working in the field at any one time and the dig will continue through autumn into the winter, an indication of the degree of urgency involved. Work on the pipe line will begin next summer. The project is being financed by the oil companies to the tune of NOK 69.5 million.

Source: Nettavisen News in English (23 September 2003)

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