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10 October 2003
Ancient warrior found in Sichuan

An ancient Chinese warrior buried for more than 2,000 years has been discovered at a road renovation site in downtown Chengdu City, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province.  
     Construction workers discovered some bronze artifacts while they were  reconstructing the Wenmiao West Street of the city. Local archaeologists, who got the news and visited the site, found a 1.8-meter-tall male skeleton with a broken double-edged sword lying upon his ribs as well as over 40 pieces of pottery, bronze ritual articles and weapons, like a tomahawk and lance, at a four-meter by one-meter tomb.  
     Wei Shaozhi, lead archaeologist, said the on-site examination showed the man  was probably a rich warrior of the Warring States Period (475 BCE- 221 BCE) as at  that time, only rich families could afford bronze wares. The position where the broken sword lies shows that he was holding the sword when buried, according to Wei.  

Source: ChinaDaily (8 October 2003)

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