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16 October 2003
Fire destroys Iron Age exhibit

Museum staff are determined to rebuild a mock Iron Age building in Hertfordshire (England) which was reduced to rubble by fire. The Roundhouse at Letchworth Museum took volunteers 500 hours to build and just half an hour to burn to the ground.
     Archaeologist Neil Rushton said a great teaching opportunity had been lost. He added: "It was the best way to show children how the Iron Age Celtic people in this country would live, and the kind of houses they would live in."  
     It is not known how the fire on 5 October started, but the museum, which houses a large archaeology exhibit and ancient pottery and jewellery, is determined to rebuild the roundhouse. Museum staff are asking volunteers to come back next summer and start again. About 20 volunteers helped build the original structure.

Source: BBC News (16 October 2003)

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