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1 November 2003
Winners of the first Highland Archaeology Challenge

The first Highland Archaeology Challenge was issued by the Highland Councilís archaeology unit during the 10th Highland Archaeology Week and Scottish Archaeology Month celebrations. Everyone interested in archaeology in the Highlands was invited to produce evidence of unknown archaeological features anywhere in the area, or further information about previously known sites.
     Hundreds of entries were received from all over the country, providing valuable new information for the councilís sites and monuments record. John Wood, senior archaeologist with the Highland Council, said: "The judges were very impressed indeed with the response to the challenge, and the high standard of all the entries. All the entries received will be of immediate benefit to conservation and research."
     Among the winners were Michael and Malise McGuire from Derbyshire: they submitted beautifully presented photographs and notes on a range of archaeological sites in Sutherland and Skye and Lochalsh. These included the broch at Cinntrolla in Loth Parish near Kintradwell; the Iron Age souterrain at Eriboll near Durness; and the broch at Coillí Ach aíChuil by the side of Loch Naver. "They sent in a lot of information that was beautifully presented, and some lovely photographs,Ē said Mr Wood. He added: "Most of these Sutherland sites are known to us already, but that doesnít really matter. New information and up-to-date photographs are of great benefit to us. Itís all very useful."
     Mr Wood said the Highland Archaeology Challenge was the first time that a Scottish local authority had attempted to involve the general public in this way. "The idea was to try and get people involved in the process of recording archaeology for the future, and it has been very successful," he said. "We now have good records of some new sites and some information that are good additions to our existing records."
     The results of the challenge will be posted in due course on the Am Baile website (www.ambaile.org.uk). The other winners were Ms Anne Marie Bexley of Auldearn for her detailed record of the stone circle at Mains of Moyness, near Auldearn; Ann Wakeling of Aviemore for her detailed notes, sketches and photographs of over 100 sites in Strathspey; John Halliday of Inverness for his excellent presentation of 49 sites and features in Badenoch; Laggan Heritage for their recording of archaeological sites in Strathmashie Community Woodland and vicinity; and Mr and Mrs Message of Caithness for their measured surveys of sites and buildings in the county.
     The councilís archaeology team are always keen to receive details, especially photographs (old or new), of sites, monuments, historic features or buildings of any date. If you can help, contact: The Archaeology Unit, The Highland Council Planning and Development Service, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness IV3 5NX (tel: 01463-702250).

Source: The Northern Times (1 November 2003)

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