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8 November 2003
Iron Age findings in Pakistan

Antiquities of Iron Age and Achaemenian (553-330 BCE) period have been discovered in an excavation from the Greek city of Bhera (Pakistan). The excavation has been done by Dr M. Salim of Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, Quaid-i-Azam University. According to the Institute, the ancient Bhera mounds are known as Barrian, which once flourished on the west bank of the River Jhelum. Recently it was also known as Kot Rajgan and Ahmadabad.
     The battlefield of Alexander-Pours appears to be around Jalalpur-Ahmadabad-Mong area. The pottery of 800-600 BCE has gray ware, red ware and buff ware with red painted designs. A terracotta figure of an elephant has been collected. The Soak wells were made of some 10 feet in height. Such Soak wells and filled with refuse have been found at Bhir Mound at Taxila.

Source: Hi Pakistan (5 November 2003)

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