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14 November 2003
Neolithic kilns found in China

The largest group of Neolithic kilns found in China so far have been discovered in Guangdong Province. Unearthed in a hillside orchard at Hutoupu of Mianyuan Village, Guangtai Town, Puning City last year, the discovery was made public at the Fifth Chao Studies International Seminar in Jieyang on 10 November.
     The first discovery of Hutoupu relics was made in 1982. Wu Xuebin, deputy director of the Bureau of Culture of Puning City, was showing stamped pottery to visitors when one of them mentioned that it was common in his village in the Puning area. Archaeologists were then sent to Hutoupu, and uncovered the kilns which had been buried for 4,000 years, showing how the people of the Chaoshan area were able to carry out specialized pottery  production.
     The kiln site is the oldest in Guangdong Province, and covers some 10,000 square metres. As well as the kilns themselves, stone axes, household pots and pottery jars were found, featuring at least eight different patterns.
     Previously thought of as a barbarous and remote area, the richness of the find has prompted calls for a reassessment of area's history.

Source: China Daily (12 November 2003)

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