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27 November 2003
Iranians investigate ancient Ziggurat

Iranian archaeologists plan to unearth northwestern corner of the second platform of Sialk Ziggurat to bring to light quality of architecture in the Iron Age, said Sadeq Shahmirzadi, head of the archaeological team. "Our team intends to dig out the northern corner and to make a longitudinal section in the top level of the ziggurat, revising the findings of the French archaeologist Roman Ghirshman on Sialk," said Shahmirzadi.
     This is the third phase of archaeological activities in this ancient site. The first phase was carried out by Ghirshman from 1931-1938, resulted in unearthing an industrial area in the southern Sialk. He also dug up two cemeteries, metal, stone, bone, and nacreous instruments as well as potteries and statuettes dating back to 6,000 years ago.
     Located near Kashan, Sialk Ziggurat dates back to about 8,000 years ago. More than one million bricks have been used for construction of the Ziggurat, Shahmirzadi estimated.

Source: Tehran Times (24 November 2003)

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