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12 December 2003
Remains could lie under a proposed building in Wales

Experts believe important prehistoric remains could lie under a proposed international sheepdog centre near Bala, in North Wales. Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service stepped in after realising there is a prehistoric and Roman site close by.
     "Our concern is that there might be similar remains at this site at Ysgubor Isaf," said archaeologist Emily La Trobe-Bateman. "There is a very important prehistoric and Roman site in a nearby field, as well as similar sites further away, which did come to light in 1997," she explained.
     The scientists plan to use trace changes in the soil which would indicate remains, although there are no plans for a dig. "There may be nothing there, but bearing in mind the closeness to a known prehistoric site then we feel that a survey is necessary," she added "We are in effect playing safe and the development will depend on what is found below ground."

Source: icNorthWales (11 December 2003)

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