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12 December 2003
Isle of Man's Tynwald Hill deserves recognition

The Isle of Man has been continually let down by the British Government in its pursuit of world heritage status for Tynwald Hill, a member of the Tynwald House of Keys (MHK) has claimed. Martyn Quayle made the statement in Tynwald as he called for action to be taken to gain international recognition for the St John's site, the hill which has been a focus for activities for nearly 4,000 years
     Mr Quayle said the site was first put forward as a site deserving world heritage status in 1984 when other sites, including the Laxey Wheel, were also considered. But it was not included in a list of sites favoured by the UK Government.
     The motion on initiate action in gaining recognition for the site was passed unanimously. How it will be achieved has not been determined although members agreed the importance of the site to the people of the Island and its preservation is of more significance than the recognition of third parties.

Source: Isle of Man Online (12 December 2003)

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