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1 January 2004
Bronze Age artefacts found in Oman

A team taking part in archaeological excavations in the wilayat of Bausher (Sultanate of Oman) has announced that artefacts dating to the third and second millennia BCE were uncovered in pre-historical cemeteries in the wilayat.
     Dr Ali Al Tijani, head of the archaeological department at Sultan Qaboos University, said the discoveries made in Bausher included a saponite vessel, clay beads, shells and arrowheads. All these implements, he said, dated to the Bronze Age. Al Tijani said evidences indicated the presence of graves in the wilayat, the oldest of which belonged to beehive tomb type which dated to Lizg Period/Stone Age.
     Sultan bin Saif Al Bakri, antiquities specialist at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, said the ministry was keen to rescue archaeological sites in the wilayat of Bausher, especially in the old village, which were threatened by urban development.

Source: Times of Oman (31 December 2003)

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