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2 January 2004
Ancient remains saved in Somerset

A site in Burnham (Somerset, England) which is home to archaeological remains thought to be thousands of years old has been saved. Owners of the land, between Alstone Road and Alstone Lane, which has remains dating back to the Iron Age, are hoping to build 30 houses. But members of Sedgemoor District Council development control committee voted against the plans.
     The council received 80 letters from residents who were angry about the proposal, as well as objections from West Huntspill Parish Council and Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society. Local resident Julie Clingoy said: "There is a high archaeological interest here with finds dating back to the Iron Age. Any land given over to developers now will mean more in the future." The owners plan to appeal against the decision. Mr Holderness, who laid the development plan, said: "We have touched nothing so far and done everything by the book. But people in the village are jumping to conclusions."

Source: Burnham Times (2 January 2004)

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