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3 January 2004
Harappa civilisation 1000 years older than thought

Presenting his research paper on "Regional Cultures and Chronologies of the Indus Civilisation in New Perspectives from Harappa" at the International Conference on Archaeology of Pakistan at the Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU), Dr JM Kenoyer of the University of Wisconsin said the find of copper coins from the Harrapa ruins negated the perception that Europe introduced metallic currency in the world.
     And he added the civilisation of Harappa was not 5,000 but 6,000 years old. "We also found the remnants of the silk cloth industry from Harappa. The rulers of Harappa were rich and when they died they were buried with gold ornaments" he said.
     According to Kenoyer, the Harappa civilisation was ruined after the downfall of its rulers. "No evidence is found regarding the exchange of culture," he said. However, the joint director-general of the Archaeological Survey of India said it has been found that the civilisation declined due to earthquake.
     Professor Emeritus of Quaid-i-Azam University Ahmed Husain Dani  urged the government and non-governmental organisations to strive for saving the archaeological sites.

Source: The News International Pakistan (31 December 2003)

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