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10 January 2004
Prehistoric cave for sale

A retired farmer in the Dordogne region (southwest France) is selling his prehistoric cave adorned with drawings for just one million euros ($1.3m). "I'm 76 years old and I can't show people around anymore. I can't go up and down the steps," said Ernest Paluzzano, who has shown his "Grotte du Sorcier" to thousands of tourists over the year.
     In 1969, Paluzzano, a farmer of Italian descent, bought the site in the town of Saint-Cirq, which owes its name - "the sorcerer's cave" - to a drawing of a human figure detailing the face, back and limbs. The cave, discovered in 1952 by an amateur archaeologist, is home to drawings dating back to the Magdalenian period, or between 22000 and 15000 years BCE, according to French experts.
     Paluzzano said he had received a barrage of telephone calls from interested buyers since he posted a "for sale" sign near the entrance to his cave a few days ago.

Source: News 24 (5 January 2004)

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