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10 January 2004
Monumentality in Late Neolithic and Early Bronze AgeBritain

The School of History and Archaeology at Cardiff University is hosting a day school on monumentality in later Neolithic and early Bronze Age Britain and Ireland, to be held on Saturday 17th January 2004.
     The conference aims to cover evidence from recent excavations and fieldwork, together with fresh theoretical and interpretative approaches. It will bring together scholars researching monumentality in later Neolithic and early Bronze Age Britain, and will provide a suitable forum for discussion.
     This is an excerpt of the program, with the list of speakers:

Frances Healy How many round barrows does it take to make a monument?Smaller and larger scales in the early Bronze Age
Martyn Barber The all seeing eye? Aerial survey and monumentality in the Neolithic and early Bronze Age of southern England
Adrian Chadwick, Paul Huckfield and Joshua Pollard Shades of Gray: the landscape settings and materiality of early Bronze Age cairns on Gray Hill, Llanfair Discoed, Monmouthshire, South Wales
Colin Richards Monumental risk: the social construction and constitution of megalithic architecture
Jodie Lewis Strange stones and empty landscapes? Recent research at Stanton Drew
Cole Henley Noughts and crosses: interpreting context, form and function at Callanish I, Lewis
Peter Rodgers and Aaron Watson Learning to see the unseen: ring monuments on the Lake District fells
Miles Russell Enclosed spaces: open minds?
Amelia Pannett, Andrew Baines and Kenneth Brophy The dark side of the moon: rethinking the multiple stone rows of northern Scotland
Andrew Fitzpatrick Monumentality and individuality: high status burials of early Bronze Age Britain
Richard Bradley The moon and the bonfire

If you would like to attend this day school, please contact Vicki Cummings or visit the School of History and Archaeology at Cardiff University's webpages devoted to the event

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