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18 January 2004
Iron Age village unearthed in England

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an Iron Age hill village dating back to around 800 BCE. They have discovered a series of roundhouses, burials sites and an array of significant artifacts on the Fairfield Park site near Stotfold (Bedfordshire, England).
     Evaluations in the mid 1990s suggested it might be a Roman settlement, but the 12 month dig involving up to 20 specialist staff has revealed significant Iron Age finds. And the finds that are 2,800 years old are exciting archaeologists. They include unusually decorated pottery, jewellery made from bronze, jet and bone, a potter's decorative stamp cast in bronze and two skeletal remains buried curious crouched positions.
     Experts say the Iron Age village was a major settlement made up of 36 roundhouses and surrounded by double ditches and ramparts.

Source: Biggleswade Today (13 January 2004)

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