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31 January 2004
Ancient earring found in Yorkshire

A gold earring found buried under a few inches of soil in a ploughed field in East Yorkshire (England) could be more than 3,000 years old. A metal detector enthusiast, part of a group from Durham, stumbled across the treasure near Driffield.
     The late Bronze Age ring has narrow stripes of yellow and paler gold and when analysed by experts at the British Museum was found to be 73 per cent gold and 23 per cent silver. Tests showed that the precious metals covered a hoop of base metal. Weighing just 10gms, it was dated between 1150 BCE and 750 BCE.
     There is no idea yet of the value, which will be settled by an independent valuation committee. Both the British Museum and local museums will be given the first chance to bid.
     An inquest in Hull heard the earring was found by Gary Turnbull in around six inches of soil. After the ring was declared treasure, the landowner said she hoped it would go to a local museum. The farmer, who asked not to be named, said: "These metal detectorists have been coming for a few years but this is the first thing to come to light."

Source: Yorkshire Post Today (30 January 2004)

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