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7 February 2004
First footprints of a Paleolithic man found in Asia

Footprints of a Paleolithic man, the first to be found in Asia, and fossilized animal tracks dating back to about 50,000 years ago were discovered on Cheju Island (Korea). More than 100 footprints of ancient man and thousands of horse, elephant, bird and deer fossil tracks were found in Namcheju-gun on the southern island province of Cheju and along the shores of the island's Andok-myon.
     The fossils were discovered by Professor Kim Jung-yul of the Korean National University of Education last October. Footprints of Paleothic man are a rare sight and have been seen in only six other countries - Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Chile, France and Italy - to date.
     The human footprints that Kim found are of 21-25 centimeters in length, and the imprints of the foot are clearer than those found in Kenya and Tanzania. Not only are the heel and ball of the foot evident in the imprints but the imprint of the medial arch is also explicit.
     The Korean Culture Properties Administration is considering naming the area a national monument and has restricted entrance in an effort to preserve the fossils.

The Korea Times (6 February 2004)

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