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11 February 2004
Stone circle has made us ill, say ghost detectives

And now some news you must take with a big pinch of salt... A pair of psychic investigators looking at the healing properties of an ancient stone circle claim it has made them seriously ill.
     Brian Perinton and Claire Williams visited Carn Llechart stone circle in the Swansea Valley (Wales) three months ago. They planned to investigate the healing properties and positive energy which standing in the centre of circle, said to have been constructed in around 2,000 BCE, was reputed to give to people.
     Mr Perinton said "I have never seen anything like it. Claire was bodily thrown from the centre of the circle by some kind of force. I felt it too. It was like being punched in the stomach. Since our visit we suffered severe headaches, stomach problems, lethargy and general illness. It was almost as if our energy was completely sapped by whatever was in the centre of those stones. We are starting to recover now but we want to find out if anyone else has had similar experiences. We would love to speak to them to find out if the illnesses and general feeling of weakness are the same. Then we can start some kind of scientific investigation into what could be causing this."
     Mr Perinton, 65, and Ms Williams, 32, run a ghost detective agency in Swansea and have been called to offices, houses and other buildings in which owners or occupants claim to be troubled by spirits or apparitions.

Source: The Western Mail (11 February 2003)

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