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21 February 2004
Bush Barrow treasures loaned to German museum

Treasures from the Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes (England) are to be loaned to a museum in Germany for a prestigious exhibition. Prehistoric items that were excavated at Bush Barrow near Stonehenge will go to the museum in Halle, Germany, for an exhibition running from October to April.
     The finds from Bush Barrow are the most famous objects in the Devizes museum and date from around 1,600 BCE. They are believed to comprise the regalia from the grave of a Bronze Age king or chieftain and include several gold ornaments, a sceptre and copper and bronze weapons originally from Brittany.
     The finds will be exhibited at Halle in an exhibition centred around the recently uncovered Nebra Sky Disk, a Bronze Age disk embossed in gold leaf with the images of the sun, moon and 32 stars. It was discovered in 1999 after a investigation by the staff of Halle Museum. The exhibition at Halle will bring together for the first time the most famous Bronze Age objects which have been found all over Europe.

Wilthsire Gazette & Herald (19 February 2004)

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