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27 February 2004
Restoration of a Bronze Age ring ditch

A major awareness campaign, aimed at highlighting the vast wealth of archaeology found in quarry workings in the Lower Ouse Valley (Cambridgeshire, England) is launched this week. Leading the initiative is Cambridge Archaeological Unit and building materials company Hanson Aggregates, backed with a grant by English Heritage.
     Focal point of the launch will be the start of restoration work of a Bronze Age ring ditch, dating back to 1200 BCE. It is sited near a cluster of five Neolithic or early Bronze Age burial barrows, known as the Over Monument Group, regarded by English Heritage as one of the most important sites in the Fens.
     Chris Evans of Cambridge Archaeological Unit, said: "The site is designated as an ancient moment and is of huge significance. We propose to subtly re-instate the earthwork. This will involve scooping out its profile to a depth of just over a metre, creating a bank-like effect about four metres wide around the enclosure."
     The campaign's key components include a website based on information gathered from Hanson's sites at Needingworth, Earith and Whittlesey; handling collections for schools and quarry visits based on local finds and dovetailing with the schools' material; and the restoration of the ring ditch at the Over barrow cemetery.

Source: The Hunts Post (27 February 2004)

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