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1 March 2004
Prehistoric musical instruments found in Vietnam

Prehistoric Vietnamese people possibly lived in the southern Central Highlands, archaeologists said, after discovering a collection of stone artifacts in Lam Dong province. The evidence on which archaeologists made the assumption were 12 stone bars of the same design, used in stone musical instruments typical of the prehistoric period, found at the Tan Nghia hill in Di Linh district. The site is, however, not yet fully excavated.
     Archaeologists speculate the quarry-village might not be limited to Di Linh district but perhaps cover the entire southern region of the Central Highlands based on the discovery of 123 stone artifacts on Voi mountain at the foot of the Prenn Pass in Da Lat. The discovery, expected to be made public next month, includes a bronze drum of the Dong Son civilisation dating from 3,000 years ago. The drum was  37 cm high and 20cm in diameter. Its surface has a sculptured sun with 10 rays. Also found in the region were a number of roughly-made bronze tools such as spades and moulds and jewellery such as necklaces.

Source: Vietnam News Agency (28 February 2004)

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