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9 March 2004
Discovery of Dilmun civilisation to be celebrated

Bahrain is planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the ancient Dilmun civilisation by Danish archaeologists. A five day event at the end of the year, under the patronage of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, will begin with the opening of a museum at Bahrain Fort.
     The Dilmun civilisation dates back to 3200 BCE, and was discovered in 1954 when PV Glob uncovered the remains of the Barbar Temple.
     Mahmood Yousif Al Mahmood, the Undersecretary of Ministry of Information, said “A seminar will be organised on the 50 years of the discovery of Dilmun era by the Danish team, following which a musical evening will be held in conjunction with Danish Moesgard Museum."
     He continued “An extraordinary display of several photos, maps, plans and documents from the archives of the Moesgard Museum will be showcased at the Bahrain National Museum. Following this a film will be screened highlighting some of the activities of the Bahrain Danish Expedition.”
     “The visitors to the Golden Jubilee activities would also find detailed information about how the excavation started in Bahrain in early ’50s. Two books, being put together by H  Hellmuth Anderason and Flemming Hojlund from the Moesgard Museum entitled The Barber Temples, will be launched."

Source: Bahrain Tribune (5 March 2004)

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