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27 March 2004
New survey of Northern Ireland's monuments

The state of Northern Ireland's historical monuments are to come under the spotlight in a new survey. The two-year study by archaeologists from Queen's University's Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork is the first of it's kind to be carried out in Northern Ireland and will begin next month.
     Northern Ireland has 15,000 monuments, relics of a cultural heritage stretching back over 9,000 years, and includes some of our best known landmarks, such as Carrickfergus Castle and Navan Fort. The survey, commissioned by the Environment and Heritage Service: Built Heritage, will examine 1,500 monuments to find out their current condition and provide statistical analysis on potential threats to their future, such as farming activity and building developments.
     Dr Colm Donnelly, manager of the Queen's Centre said: "These monuments are a non-renewable resource and once they're destroyed they are gone for good - robbing us, not only of a valuable resource, but also of our heritage."

Source: Belfast Telegraph (27 March 2004)

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