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27 March 2004
Neolithic relics uncovered in Cambridgeshire

Relics dating back 6,000 years to the Neolithic age are being uncovered by archaeologists working on the site of the Fordham bypass (Cambridgeshire, England). A team from Cambridgeshire County Council's archaeology field unit are carrying out "digs" on the line of the road before the construction workers move in to build the new route. Aileen Connor, project manager, said the Neolithic finds, close to the existing A142 road behind the massive Turners transport depot, had not been expected. Trial digs carried out two years ago had indicated the presence of early Iron Age remains from about 2,500 years ago.
     The finds have been found in what was probably a dumping ground for flint off-cuts and other rubbish from the nearby settlement. Ms Connor said that the project, currently the largest archaeological investigation in Cambridgeshire, was expected to continue until the end of May. An exhibition of the finds is due to be staged in the village this summer when work on the 12.5 million road begins.

Source: Cambridge News (27 March 2004)

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