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3 April 2004
Stone Age child's bones found in Norway

Norwegian archaeologists made a rare discovery at Aukra in Romsdal, north-central Norway. They've confirmed finding bone fragments from a child who must have lived in the area around 6,000 years ago. The discovery was made in connection with excavations underway for the new land-base for the Ormen Lange gas field in the North Sea. Researchers know that the area around Aukra featured ancient settlements, and several thousand items already have been found and recorded.
     It's the first time a child's remains from so long ago have been found in Norway. Hein Bjerck, from the Science Museum in Trondheim (Vitenskapsmuseet i Trondheim), said that initial examination suggests the child was between two and four years old at time of death. The child's bone fragments were found in a compact mass of sand. Archaeologists also noted contures in the sand that probably were made by a human body, as long ago as 5,000 BC.

Aftenposten (30 Macrh 2004)

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