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10 April 2004
Committee to consider Hill of Tara motorway

The Joint Oireachtas Committee on Environment, Heritage and Local Government is to consider the controversial proposed motorway through the Hill of Tara and Hill of Skyrne in County Meath (Ireland), Deputy Eamon Gilmore has said. The committee agreed to a proposal from Labour's Deputy Eamon Gilmore that the group opposing the motorway plans and also the National Roads Authority should be invited to attend a meeting of the committee on April 28th.
     Deputy Gilmore said: "Serious concerns have been expressed by historians and archaeologists about this proposed motorway through one of Ireland's most historic sites. I have been told that there are huge archaeological troves under the Hill of Tara and if this motorway proceeds in its current forms, the controversy will be significant. Before this ends up in the courts, the opportunity should now be taken to re-examine the plans. The committee should hear from those who have concerns about it and from the NRA who are proceeding with it."

Source: Politics.ie (8 April 2004)

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