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12 April 2004
Over 80 items unearthed in a Chinese tomb

Archaeologists claim that they discovered a tomb of the Western Zhou Dynasty (11 century BCE - 771 BCE) at the Zhouyuan site, Zhuangbai Village in Fufeng County of northwest China' s Shaanxi Province. Over 80 items were unearthed from the tomb including two bronze items, four earthen articles, seven jade articles, and some lacquer ware and shell ornaments. "From the shape of the tomb and the excavated articles, we can judge that the tomb is for a nobleman in the middle and later period of the Western Zhou Dynasty," said an official with the local bureau cultural relics.
     The Zhouyuan site, located at the bordering area of the Fufeng County and the Qishan County, was ranked by the State Council as cultural relics under state top protection. In 1976, a Western Zhou hoard of 103 bronzes was unearthed at Zhuangbai Village, drawing close attention from archaeologists.

Source: People's Daily (11 April 2004)

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