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12 April 2004
Chinese village boasts recorded history of 6,000 years

Chinese archaeologists have discovered a village which boasts a recorded history of more than 6,000 years in central China's Henan province. Yuyang Village, located 22 km northwest of Anyang city, in northern Henan, records the chronological development process of Chinese history, constituted by locals, in a period of over 6,000 years, said Tang Jigen, head of the Anyang Work Station under the Archaeological Research Institute ofthe Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Tang said most of the finds spotted in the village were fragments of cooking utensils, pottery jars, and other kinds of pottery and porcelain ware. Tang said the date of the finds unearthed in the village started from as early as the Yangshao Culture period, dating back to 5,000 BCE-3,000 BCE
    Covering four square kilometers, Yuyang is a village situated on a mound, or a piece of highland, 500 meters away from a local river, the Zhanghe River, which flows from northern Henan into theneighboring Hebei province. Historical records show that Zhanghe River flooded many times but Yuyang Village remained intact. The village got its current name "Yuyang" during the Ming Dynasty. Yuyang Village had been a major ferry and a booming commercial center since ancient times, Prof. Wang made the conclusion on the basis of his discovery of ruins of ferry facilities by the side ofZhanghe River and a stretch of government-built road, leading to the ferries.

Source: China View (10 April 2004)

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