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17 April 2004
Planned school may threaten ancient cursus site

Perth and Kinross Councillors put plans for a new primary school and playing field in Crieff (Scotland), but it was pointed out that the site is an archaeologically highly sensitive area, being north of a large prehistoric "cursus" site - a type of ritual enclosure - part of which is a scheduled ancient monument. Members of Perth and Kinross Council's development control committee want more time to consider an application from the builders A. & L. King for permission to develop agricultural land to the south-west of Strathearn Recreation Centre as school buildings with grounds.
     No development would have been allowed to take place until A. & L. King had secured the implementation of a programme of archaeological works in agreement with Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust, and approved by the planning authority. The firm would have to ensure that all recording and recovery of archaeological resources within the site is undertaken to the council's satisfaction, in agreement with the trust.

Source: icPerthshire (16 April 2004)

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