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1 May 2004
Eskdale Prehistoric trail

Illustrated interpretive panels, finger posts and a trail leaflet, link several outstanding prehistoric sites and bring to life this new way-marked trail in the parishes of Westerkirk and Eskdalemuir (Scotland). The trail requires a modest amount of walking and is accessible to motorists or cyclists. It links 9 outstanding sites of archaeological interest in Eskdale and two sites in the Meggat Valley. The sites range from 3,500 year-old stone circles to Iron Age hill forts and have been chosen for varying reasons: because of their accessibility, because some have been excavated so that their place in prehistory is reasonably established, and in other cases the sites are simply unique.
     Visitors are guided around the trail with the help of a colour leaflet and the community website provides further information or alternatively the help of an experienced guide is available by prior arrangement. Other places of interest around the trail are well signed or indicated in the leaflet, which contains also information on the numerous accommodation providers within the valley.
     The Prehistoric trail has been funded from Making Tracks, Scottish Natural Heritage, Historic Scotland, Dumfries & Galloway Council and local trusts.

Source: Dr.Tom Kennedy (30 April 2004)

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