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7 May 2004
Ancient cave in Central Iran dated to 15,000 BCE

Iranian scientists have dated a Paleolithic cave in the central Isfahan province at about 15,000 years BCE. Biologists at the university of Isfahan arrived at the conclusion after studying some 100 animal bones.
     The cave was discovered six months ago during archeological and geological studies west of the city of Isfahan near the Zayandeh River. Stone tools and bones were found in the cave. Mohsen Khavari, of the local cultural heritage department  said studies suggest the bones belonged to such animals as turtles, gazelles, wild goats and birds from 15,000 BCE. Further investigations are scheduled to be carried out in the cave, the first Paleolithic cave in the Isfahan province, in the current year. Archeologists believe further research could shed light on many questions surrounding the Paleolithic age in the area.
     No excavations have so far been carried out in the cave, located 30 km west of Isfahan. Archeological explorations are planned for fall.

Source: Tehrantimes.com (2 May 2004)

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