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8 May 2004
Ancient Iranian site may date back 6000 years

The site of Gourtan, the most important historical area of Isfahan (Iran), is to undergo a new series of excavations to verify a hypothesis that it may possibly move back the history of the city from 2000 to 6000 years ago.
     Based on the existing documents and historical remains, the creation of Isfahan, one of most significant tourist attractions of Iran, dates back to the time of Arsacids and Sassanids, but the primary archeological studies in Gourtan site gives a possible date of some 6000 years ago as the starting point of residence in the city. According to deputy head of the Cultural Heritage Department of Isfahan for research Mohsen Javeri, items from three residential periods from the fourth millennium BCE to first millennium BCE, have so far been identified in the first studies of the area, but no excavations are yet carried out.
     Much of the area of Gourtan is buried under residential buildings; however, archeologists are to start some excavations in parts that are under the possession of the Municipality in the months to come.

Source: Tehrantimes.com (6 May 2004)

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