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12 May 2004
Restoration of Nine Maidens stone circle

Archaeologists are starting work to restore one of Cornwall's prehistoric stone circles. Three of the stones at the Nine Maidens circle at Madron near Penzance (England) which have fallen over will be re-erected in time for the summer.
     The project is a joint venture with Cornwall County Council, the Environment Department (Defra) and the Nine Maidens Commoners. Work is expected to last until the end of May.
     In the 18th century there were 13 stones in the circle, but workings at the nearby Ding Dong mineral mine moved closer to the circle until they reached and disturbed the site. Of the nine stones remaining, three have fallen, two are leaning and four are upright. The Nine Maidens pagan circle derives its name from a group of maidens who broke the Sabbath by dancing on a Sunday and were immediately turned to stone.
The archaeologists will also be carrying out drainage improvements, scrub clearance and footpath repair.

Source: BBC News (11 May 2004)

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