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22 May 2004
New recumbent stone circle built in Scotland

A Medicine man has helped build what he believes is the first stone circle for 6,000 years in North-East Scotland. Shaman healer Jason Schroeder planned and performed ceremonies to bless the huge stones on land at Lyne of Skene.
     The new stone circle is made up of eight standing stones grouped around a recumbent (lying flat) stone, flanked at each end by a standing stone. Mr Schroeder, 40, who has lived in Scotland for seven years, said: "To look at it you would not believe that this circle wasn't 6,000 years old." He used a stone weighing 30 tonnes, which was blasted to create smaller pieces for the massive circle.He made careful calculations about the positioning of the stones, and the timing was also significant as it was built on May 2 and 3 to coincide with the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane.
     It is not known who erected the North-east's prehistoric stones, or how it was done. But for this 21st Century equivalent, modern methods were used. The stones were erected by landowner Allan Brownie, using a tractor and digger. Mr Brownie became interested after hearing Mr Schroeder had built a small stone circle at his own home in Sauchen. The one at Lyne of Skene is on a much larger scale.

Source: The Press and Journal (19 May 2004)

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