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29 May 2004
World record for Great Orme mine

The Great Orme copper mine on Great Orme’s Head, Llandudno (Wales) has been named the largest Bronze Age copper mine in the world in the 50th anniversary edition of the Guinness World Records. A new record category was created after a research officer from the publishers, following personal interest, verified the mine’s status. “We’ve always been recognised by the academic world but are delighted to get public recognition in this way – and one which will go around the world,” said Great Orme director Anne Hammond. 250 yards of tunnels are open to the public and the site provides interpretative and educational insights into the Bronze Age.
     The mines were first discovered in 1987 and archaeologists are still working on the site. “Twenty years ago no-one thought copper mining took place in Britain during the Bronze Age. It’s a place of continual discovery and there are still tunnels to excavate,” says Hammond. At the end of 2002 archaeologists believed that they had found the largest prehistoric man-made cavern in the world, some 130 ft underground.
     The world record will appear in the new edition, to be published in September 2004.

Source: BBC News (27 May 2004)

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