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11 June 2004
New virtual tours of Stonehenge

Stonehenge fans who cannot get to the famous stones themselves can now make a virtual trip to the historic site. An interactive microsite set up by English Heritage allows users to tour the archaeological sites in and around the world-famous monument. The interactive microsite, designed to be a pop-up from the enquiry site, describes an area centred on Stonehenge, about 5 miles North to South and 3 miles East to West, that includes a number of associated archaeological sites of interest including: The Cursus, Durrington Walls, Woodhenge, King Barrows, The Avenue, Winterbourne Stoke Barrows, North Kite Enclosure, Vespasianís Camp and, of course, Stonehenge itself. Visitors can navigate around the map to discover more about the monuments. Antiquarian drawings, artefacts, old photos, reconstruction drawings, 360 degree panoramas and video clips with aerial views are all on offer.
     Funded by the New Opportunities Fund (NOF), the new microsite goes live on 11 June as part of the English Heritage website, www.english-heritage.org.uk/stonehenge. Isabelle Bedu, site coordinator, said: "The aim of the interactive map is to bring to life the whole World Heritage Site and its many mysterious monuments.

Sources: Managing Information.com (10 June 2004), BBC News (11 June 2004)

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