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18 June 2004
Ancient cemetery found in Syria

A very ancient cemetery was unearthed in Gharieh town, some 40 km from the southern Syria city of Sweida, dating back to the Nabatean Period (400 BCE - 106 CE).
     The cemetery is composed of four parallel pillars and arched tombs that bear a resemblance in appearance and architecture to those discovered in the central ancient city of Palmyra. A set of findings were discovered in the cemetery, including perfume bottles, glass house appliances of various sizes and forms as well as remains of clay oil lamps. All findings are now under study and restoration. Also an animal-like seal of white bright precious stone that dates back to the late Aramean period was unearthed at Dubba archeological site north of Sweida city. The seal was discovered while excavation teams were exploring the oldest layers of the site.

Source: Sana.org (15 June 2004)

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