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18 June 2004
Bronze Age findings in Donegal

Two 4,000-year-old Bronze Age burial bowls have been recovered intact from cist graves on a Donegal farm (Ireland). Also found on the site were the intact remains of a young man and the cremated remains of another person, probably a woman in her early 20s. The discovery was made on Mr David Patterson's farm in Liscooley, Castlefinn, Co Donegal when he was excavating the foundations for a shed. Mr Patterson contacted the archaeological section of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, and the investigation was carried out by senior archaeologist Mr Victor Buckley.
     He said the two cist, or stone-lined graves, had been covered with massive stone capstones which were removed. "When we lifted the first capstone, we found an intact bowl of a highly decorated type accompanying a cremation." He said that the second cist contained another bowl, again, highly decorated, which had been buried with unburnt human remains. The bowls, he explained, had been made from strips of clay which had been pressed together and then individually decorated in vertical and diagonal bands. "They were made from local clay and fired in an oven. Intact examples of these bowls are quite rare and less than 100 bowls, most of them in poor condition, have been recovered." He said the 4,165 fragments of bone from the cremation were deemed to be those of an adult, probably a woman aged between 20-25 years.

Source: The Irish Times (18 June 2004)

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