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17 July 2004
Vandals deface Ilkley Moor stones

Mindless vandals have scrawled graffiti over one of Yorkshire's best loved beauty spots. Shocked walkers on Ilkley Moor (England) have discovered that ancient rocks have been defaced by louts. The hooligans have used white gloss paint to leave their mark between the Cow and Calf and the White Wells. And they have defaced an earlier carving of a deer on one specimen.
     Local councillors and walkers have expressed their disgust at the senseless vandalism. Coun Brian Mann said graffiti on the moor would have a massive impact, and he stressed: "It is something we are going to stamp down on." He added: "I think more people should report these kinds of things if they see them happening - and certainly they should bring it to our attention."
     Richard Perhim, a spokesman for Bradford Council's countryside department said the reports of graffiti would be investigated. He said: "It comes round every now and again but it is usually not too bad up there." He said masonry paint would be used to cover the graffiti. "We have tried using removal stuff in the past - but it doesn't work particularly well," he said. "The rock is quite coarse so it is easier to paint over it."

Source: This is Bradford (1 July 2004)

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