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17 July 2004
The Thornborough saga continues

Yorkshire campaigners opposing the proposed planning application by Tarmac Northern to quarry close to Thornborough Henges in North Yorkshire (England), say the application contravenes the local councilís policy on quarrying in the area. Heritage Action claim that North Yorkshire County Councilís ĎMinerals Action Planí, which regulates mineral extraction and quarrying in the region, recommends a reduction in the supply of sand and gravel from the county by 500, 000 tonnes per year. This they maintain is not consistent with Tarmacís proposed plans to quarry the nearby Ladybridge area.
     The claim is the latest move in an ongoing battle to protect the surrounding landscape of the 5000-year-old Thornborough Henges, considered by archaeologists to be among the most important prehistoric sites in the country, from further quarrying.
     "Quite apart from the important archaeological arguments and the fact that Thornborough Henges is a site of national importance, people need to understand there is no further need for gravel in the area," said George Chaplin, Thornborough campaign co-ordinator for Heritage Action. Responding to the claims Bob Nicholson, spokesman for Tarmac Northern, said "Our planning application is perfectly legitimate within the terms of the Minerals Local Plan, which acts as a guidance document on the types of mineral reserves available and their environments."
     Local feeling is currently running high with another pressure group, the Friends of Thornborough, accusing Tarmac of treating North Yorkshire 'like a third world country' and claiming the current Ladybridge Farm application was 'just the thin end of the wedge.'

Source: Article by Richard Moss for 24 Hour Museum (15 July 2004)

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