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22 July 2004
Bronze Age mine as tourist attraction?

The ancient copper workings at Mynydd Parys and the old port of Amlwch on Anglesey (Wales) are to be the subject of a two pronged funding bid to develop the a major tourist attraction. Dubbed the Copper Mountain project, specialists have been commissioned to draw up studies to support conservation and business development funding bids. The earliest workings at Mynydd Parys (Paris Mountain) date back to the Bronze Age and extraction continued through to comparatively recent times, when the copper deposits played a major part in launching the industrial revolution in Britain and western Europe.
     The Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust, steering the Copper Mountain initiative, have employed consultants Gifford and Partners to put together a detailed conservation management plan and a programme of repair and restoration. In parallel, Parkin Heritage and Tourism will produce a development study and business plan. Giffords will be holding a one-day surgery at Amlwch Town Hall on 27 July to draw out local opinions. Says project archaeologist Babita Sharma: “We hope to speak to people to understand how they feel about their unique heritage.”

Source: icNorthWales (19 July 2004)

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