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3 August 2004
Stone tools found in Hudson River, New York

Underwater archaeologists have found over one hundred stone artefacts in New York State, USA.
     The tools including spears and an arrowhead, along with associated flakes, have been uncovered at Croton Point where the Croton River meets the Hudson. The site, 30 miles north of New York City, has been submerged by rising sea levels, but would once have been river-side settlements.
    Archaeologists wearing wetsuits and scuba gear worked on their knees at low tide to excavate exploratory trenches after a local man found stone artefacts washed up on the shore.
     Work at the site was part of a six-week summer course in underwater archaeology run by Daria Merwin of the State University. The highlight of the dig was the discovery of the arrowhead - the only complete artefact found - which is estimated to be 2000 years old.

Source: Times Union (1 August 2004)

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