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5 August 2004
Ancient tools discovered near Seattle

Stone tools have been unearthed by archaeologists working on a site north-east of Seattle, Washington state, USA.
    The tools were found during an environmental study prior to the building of a bypass around the town of Granite Falls in Snohomish County. The acidic soil of the area has left little dating evidence, but similar finds at other sites suggest a date of 4,500 to 7,000 years old.
    Phil LeTourneau, of Seattle archaeological firm BOAS Inc, said "The artefacts are mostly pointy, leaf-shape stones, probably used as spear tips. Over the years the acid in the soil has begun breaking them down into clay. This type of site is common in the area"
    Because of the uncertainty of the age of the tools, it is unknown which tribe would have used them, but it is believed to be either the Tulalips, Stillaguamish or Sauk-Suiattles.

Source: Seattle Times (4 August 2004)

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