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14 August 2004
Excavation at 6000-year-old industrial city of Erisman

The third stage of archaeological excavations at the 6000-year old industrial city of Erisman (Iran) is scheduled to commence in September. Several experts from the German Archaeology Center and the Bochum Mine Museum will be working with Iranian archaeologists to discover more about the process of metalworking in the region 6000 years ago.
     Erisman is the largest archaeological site in Iran with evidence of metalworking activities. The ruins of metal furnaces and ancient architecture as well as metal, silver, copper, and earthenware artifacts have been discovered at the site.
     Majid Qazian, the project director of the third stage of excavations of the area, said that the artifacts discovered in the region prove that the region was an industrial area, and it can be called an ancient industrial city. “Comprehensive studies on the metalworking process and to identify metal mines are also going to be conducted during this stage of the excavations,” he added.

Source: Tehran Times (11 August 2004)

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